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Drs & Associates with 20+ Year’s Expertise with Industrial Insights:
Management Consulting, Income Generating Business & Property Acquisition, and Portfolio for Passive Income & Tax Benefits for High-Income Bracket Investors.

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Due Diligence, Strategic Planning & Execution
Income-Generating Business & Property Acquisitions
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Passive Income Streaming with recession-resistant BREW program for Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Investors, and Business Owners for Retirement 

Create A Suitable Portfolio
for Estate Planning
Recession-Resistant Income Stream Backed by History-Proven
Returns and Fundamental Value, Generating Stable Income, Tax Benefits, with Upside Potentials and Downside Protection for Your Investment Portfolio.

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Data-Driven Impact Analysis, Recession-Resistant Investment Strategy by Sectors, Risk Management, Due Diligence of Business M&A, Investment Property, Transformation of Distressed Business Properties, Digital Platform Improving Investment Returns with Tax Benefits & Debt Strategies etc.

Data-Driven Investment Analysis of various sectors of Investment Properties for investors, buyers, business owners, and real estate brokerage firms. 

List your business and properties free for search engines with keywords and SEO, boosting online presence, to get found globally via Internet search engines

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3 Life Questions:

  • Stable Income Stream For Life
  • Smart Investing, Tax Savings & Estate Planning For Your Portfolio 
  • Build Stable Wealth For Retirement 

The First Step:

Owning a Real Asset Backed by the Growth of Fundamental Value, such as your Residential Property, is the first step to “Build Investment Wealth.”

The First Step of The Cornerstone of Wealth, Financial Stability, and Emotional Security for You and Your Family.

“A home is the most important (& foundational) assets that most people will ever buy.

Homes are also where memories are made and you want to work with someone you can trust.”

Warren Buffett

Chairman and CEO, Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

How To Invest US Real Estate

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The Second Step To Build Wealth & Upgrade Your Life Style.

From Your First Deal to Stable Investment Properties, Property Syndication, 1031 Exchange, DST, and REITs.

Own Income Properties

Experience a Passive Income Stream and Build Your Wealth with Real Estate Property, working with Highly Professional Investment Pros and other investors, understanding Property Syndication, 1031 Exchange, DST, and Opportunity Fund.

Accretive Returns:

Steady Income Steam +  Increasing Net Asset Value & Per Share Value

Your First Real Estate Investment

Get Your First Home with 0.5% Down.

Get your first real estate deal with an easy one-stop process.

Smart real estate deals can reshape your future. Build your stable income for life.

Upgrade Your Life Style

by building your wealth for life with smart investing.

Create Stable Income

Fix & Flip. Rehab Deals.
Buy-Renovate-Rent-Refinance-Repeat For Profit

Unlock The

Secret of Building  wealth

and steady cash flow & Tax benefits in real estate.

Real Estate Buying, Selling & Financing Are Life-Changing Real Estate Investing Decisions.

Make Science-Driven Decisions with Highly Experienced Industry Professionals of Drs Associates and Strategic Alliance Group.

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Smart Investment Analysis, Due Diligence, Performance Analytics by Sector

Investment Property Performance Analytics, long-term historical returns of each real estate investment sector over 20 years
Alternative approach, strategies, and tactics of creating wealth in real estate
Diversify the risk and stabilize Income steam with Strategic Alliance Group
Buying your first home with 0.5% down and creating real estate wealth…

Technology Services to Empower Business Professionals

Digital transformation
Website & search engine listing
Real Estate Listing,
Market Research
Client acquisition & CRM app
Data visualization
Organic search optimization
and more…

One-Stop Resource of Recurring Income & Building Wealth

Solutions For real estate professionals & industry experts
Real estate buying, selling, financing
Cost-effective remodeling
Fix and Flip management services
Recurring income with BR4
Leveraged rehab investment,
Shared equity program
Estate & tax planning with real estate

Choosing the right sector and right strategy in investment properties

$16 Trillion Market

Top-Currency denominated real estate assets
Investment-Grade Income Properties

Choosing The Right Sector

& Right Investment Strategies with Your Knowledgeable & Trusted Resource

Tracking The Performance

Analyze The Performance of Each Real Estate Investment Segment over 20 Years’ Historical Returns

Featured Real Estate Segment

Selective Healthcare Real Estate

Investing in a variety of health care related real estate, including hospitals, medical office buildings, and skilled nursing facilities.

$2 Trillion Market, US healthcare spending approaching 20% of GDP.

Recession-resistant, long-term defensive, income-generating investment sector.

$126B Market Cap of Public REITs, Average Dividend: 4.76%
Total Return in 2019: 21.20%

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Nothing herein should be construed as investment advice. You should always conduct your own research and due diligence and obtain professional advice before making any investment decision. We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by your reliance on the information or opinions contained herein.

Impact Analysis by Investment Sectors

based on the Impact Analysis during Covid-19 Pandemic

Less Affected Sectors

Essential Industrial, Warehousing Logistics

Affordable Housing & Residential

Infrastructure & Data Centers


Medical Office, Hospitals

Essential Retails & Vital Services

More Affected Sectors

Lodging, Hotels, Specialty

Senior Care Facilities

Non-essential Retails

Offices & Shared Spaces

Free-standing Malls

Opportunity Sectors

Essential, vital service sectors with tier 1 tenants
Industrial, Healthcare, Essential Retail and Vital Services, Distressed Property, Manufacturing Homes, Affordable Housing, Self-Storage, Data Center and Infrastructure.

Risk, Unfortunate Sectors

more affected by major restructuring and social distancing trends:
Lodging, Hotels, Non-Essential Retails, Offices, Shared Workspace, Senior Care Facilities, Free Standing Street Malls, Specialty (theater, gaming)

Unlock The Secret of Building Wealth with Smart Investing

Choosing the right team and approach to increase ROI and reduce the risk

Individual vs. Syndicated Pooled Investment Approach

Choosing The Right Sector and investment strategy during Crisis

Maximizing Benefits with Advanced Estate & Tax Planning, 1031 Exchange & DST




Wealth & 
Recurring Income