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Choosing to find a right, trustworthy accountant is the first step for the success of your business.

The right CPA will save you time and money year after year.


You can hire more than a tax accounting expert at most affordable rates to meet your various needs in your business, a Highly experienced certified public accountant with years of successful business and management history


Find the resource who understands more than a Tax filing, understanding the difference of management accounting, financial accounting and tax accounting to meet your business and management needs.

What we Do

We Cover a Full Array of Individual, Nonprofits, and Corporates Accounting Services

Individual, Corporate, and Cross-border Taxes

Limited Liability Company
Sole proprietorship
Estate planning
Korea-US Cross-border Taxation


Real Estate Investment & Tax Planning

Real estate tax strategy
Real estate transaction
Property exchange
Accounting for real estate investors
Non-resident real estate investing
Tax-advantage program with real estate

Business Consulting

  • Business Setup & bookkeeping
  • Payroll services
  • Projection & planning
  • Internal cost accounting
  • Franchise
  • Nonprofit organization

Tax Principles and Financial, Busines Accounting Services

There are two principles of accounting in the US. The first is tax accounting principles and the second is financial accounting, also known as Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

Companies must follow a common set of accounting principles and procedures, such as GAAP, to compile their financial statements, including Balance Sheet and Income Statement.

Tax Accounting

Tax accounting applies to everyone, individuals, businesses, and corporations, and even those nonprofits who are exempt from paying taxes must be able to track funds associated with individiuals and entities.

Unlike the GAAP-based financial accounting, Tax accounting solely focus on transactions that affect an entity’s tax burdens, and is regulated by the IRS to ensure that all tax laws and regulations are followed by tax accounting professionals.

Estate Tax
& Retirement Planning

Prepare for your retirement and estate planning with the right, qualified financial advisor to reach your long-term financial goals for you and your next generation.

We can help you to meet your goals by connecting all resources you need as one stop comprehensive services.

e-Filing Services
for Nonprofits

Tax accounting is also important and necessary for tax-exempt nonprofit organizations and must prepare to file annual returns.
The organization must provide information regarding any incoming funds, such as donations, as well as how the funds are used during the operation to ensure that the organization follows all laws and regulations and benefits associated with the tax-exempt entity.

Business Setup and
Real Estate Investment Consultation

From startups and tax accounting to cross-border business setup and management, we are here to solve your problems and meet your needs. We keep the confidentiality of all your inquiries.

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Don’t Let the Complexities of Tax Laws and Financial Accounting Burden You Any Longer.

Almost everyone agrees that the current tax system is too complicated, yet almost every year the system gets more complex, not less. Why?

Tax simplicity almost always reflects incremental legislative changes as a result of numerous provisions of multiple tax bills.

Our Commitment I

No Client is Too Big or Small

We pride ourselves on delivering a friendly, personal service to all our customers.

No job is too small and we treat you like our friends and extended family to understand your problems with best solutions.

“We began our relationship more than 30 years ago. He has been always responsive to our needs and provide great customer service with professional works. I strongly recommend his service to all my business customers”
Edward Oh

Broker, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

“William is one of few accountants who really understand our business and truly helped us to get things in order for us. They have been right by our side for many things and treated us like his best friends.”
Jay Song

Pine Construction

William is willing to help with just about anything and are very experienced with our industry and management accounting. They take the time to discuss our objectives and always seem to get things done either on time or early. We like the fact that they are local and always within reach and overall they are just a nice group of people to work with.”
William Davidson

Property Management

Our Commitment II

Our Clients Are Like Friends and Family

What if your client was your mother or your best friends? That’s the way we want to handle your problems, no matter what kind of service we provide. Maintaining a healthy friendship and healthy family requires hard work, and the same goes for the relationship with our clients. 

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